How Being Nice Sometimes Messes You Up

I had a very enlightening talk with one of my closest friends at work earlier which made me realize that I’m still a loser, and I need to learn a few things.

I learned that I have to appreciate myself more and know my worth.

I have to know what I actually deserve based on my own expectations and not try so hard to always become what others expect me to be.

I have to know when to hold it in, and when to just let it go.

I have to know when to keep going, and when to rest.

We sometimes do so much for other people that we forget ourselves. And this defeats the purpose of living a full life.

You cannot always remove yourself from the equation when trying to be a good human being. Soon enough, you may find that you have so little of you left to even care about anything.

And that’s really when things start to go haywire. That’s when you start to question why everything doesn’t make any sense.

And you keep thinking, you’re just trying your hardest to be nice. Fuck, being nice shouldn’t be so fucking hard.

But, part of being nice is being nice to yourself too. And that involves yes, caring for people who you love, but also not putting up with other people’s bullshit, and speaking up when someone is being unreasonable to you.

It is exhausting and unhealthy for you to keep tucking away your feelings inside just because you don’t want to hurt another person’s feelings.

There’s a right time to try and fight off the pain and act okay, but make sure that you won’t get yourself in that same situation that got you hurt in the first place. Otherwise, it is your fault you keep suffering.

It’not easy to change but I firmly believe everything that happens in your life can be under your control.

Dream beautiful things but wake up and create your every moment.

You always have a choice. When you say that you don’t, that right there is your choice.

Own up to it. The only way you will be able to move forward from a challenging situation or change your life even just one bit is by taking control and taking responsibility for every little thing that happens in it.

It is not somebody else or some thing that make you you, that make you act the way you do. The moment you blame it to anything else, that’s when you lose control of your life.And that is–you guessed it– still your doing. You chose to lose control.

I’m not sure if it’s the lack of sleep that made me write all this (yeah, still working on knowing when to rest), but I guess, I’m just really happy to still learn new ways on how to work with me because really, I think we can all admit that sometimes, we perfectly know how to give advice to other people on how they should live their lives but we’re clueless on how to live ours.

Again, know your worth, not based from what anyone else thinks. And care for others, but most importantly, love yourself too.

The first step of winning is to admit you’re a loser. That’s when you start learning.

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Short Story

Noted, Love (Prequel)

A short love story about the chances that we take and the chances that are taken from us.

by Darwin Taylo

She turned on the bedside lamp. It was 5:25 in the morning. She was naked in her bed, alone. Then she saw a note on the table, lit now by the lamp.

“I had a great night Love! I hope you did too. I’ll call you. – Prince”

It took her a couple of seconds before she remembered what happened the previous night. She has drunk more vodka than what she normally drinks and was wearing a very sexy outfit, sexier than what she normally wears. She caught him looking at her from the other end of the bar. He was looking so elegantly handsome and sexy. They exchanged intimate looks, made out on the dance floor and then he asked her to come home with him. She instead offered her place and they had sex on her apartment.

She had already given up on her quest for love. Every single guy that she had met only wanted her for a single night. Not one stayed for breakfast. Not one even asked for her name, or phone number. Not one even left a note.

Not one, but him.

She couldn’t believe what she just read. Then her phone rang.

She stared at it, so long that it rang five more times before the call dropped.

She then looked at the number that called. It was an unknown number. She wasn’t certain but she still saved it under the name Prince.

Her phone didn’t ring again the following days after that. She just then decided to go to the bar again that next weekend, hoping to see him there.

And he was there. This time looking more elegant and handsome than the previous week. He smiled at her and instantly came to her the moment he saw her. They shared stories about their lives and kissed and danced and made out on the dance floor. It ended with him asking her to spend the night back in her apartment.

She woke up the next morning, still feeling wasted from last night, naked, and the guy wasn’t beside her anymore. She turned on the bedside lamp, and saw a note on the table.

“I really like you Love. I hope you feel the same. I’m sorry I couldn’t stay long. I had a great night! See you soon! – Prince”

Then she felt her phone vibrate. ‘Prince’ was calling.

She didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know if she could tell him the same sweet words this early on. She didn’t know what to say, or ask, or talk about.

After the fifth ring, the call dropped.

They saw each other again the next weekend, drank until they’re wasted, danced until they ran out of dance moves and made love like it’s their first time. This went on the next following weeks and she felt that she only grew more attached to him weekend after weekend. At first, she wanted him to stay until the morning after and wake up beside each other. But then she also started loving the excitement and happiness his notes gave her every time she wakes up from a hangover, turns on the bedside lamp and finds them beside it.

She felt she had already met the prince of her life. And that the day would soon come, when they’d both be waking up on each other’s arms, with so much love that the light of day would be eager to welcome them in all the mornings of their lives.

One night, although drunk and wasted, after they had danced and made out on the same bar and made love on the same bed, she tried to keep herself awake and decided not to sleep until he wakes up so that she could greet her a good morning and finally confess her love to him. She planned to tell him that she’s ready to commit and spend the rest of her life with him. She sat on the bedside table, held his hand and watched him snore. It was not long though when she started dozing off to sleep as well.

She woke up to the sound of her alarm clock. It was already 9 in the morning and the sunlight had brighten up her room. She’s not wearing anything but her underwear, her head was on the bedside table and her right hand was lying on the empty bed beside her. There was no note on the table.

Then her phone rang. It was Prince’s number. After the second ring, she picked it up.


“Is this Love?”

It was a woman. She didn’t know what to say.

“Yes, this is she. Who’s calli-”

“Whore! You listen to me slut! Stop seeing my boy or you’ll see wha-”

She ended the call. After a few seconds, it rang again. She stared at it, not knowing what to do next. Then, she saw the end of a piece of paper peering under her bed. She picked it up and couldn’t explain her feelings while reading his note.

“I had really really awesome nights with you Love. And I want to spend more nights with you. So many more, as if we won’t run out of them. But I think I’m falling for you, deeper than I thought and I couldn’t bear breaking your heart even more. I’m already in love with someone else. She’s the only woman I spend all my mornings and days with. I am terribly sorry Love but I just realized that she’s also the only woman I want to spend all my nights with. But I really had a great night. I hope you did too. Goodbye, Love. – Prince”

After the fifth ring, the call dropped. It didn’t ring again.

Short Story

Love Notes

A short love story about the chances that are given to us and the chances that we take.

by Darwin Taylo

He turned on the bedside lamp. It was 5:25 in the morning. He was naked in his bed, alone. Then he saw a note on the table, lit now by the lamp.

“I had a great night. Saved my number on your phone. Call me if you want to. – Love”

It took him a couple of seconds before he understood that Love was the girl’s name. He checked his phone and found the girl’s mobile number. He dialed it. But it just rang and rang. She didn’t pick up.

He met her in a bar he frequents every weekend. On the night that they met, she wore a very sexy outfit almost revealing her breasts, but she still looked elegant and beautiful. He offered her a couple of drinks and asked her to come with him to his apartment. She didn’t seem to have hesitated.

He didn’t think of her as the girlfriend type though. She seemed a little bit too agressive and playful for him. But she was really good in bed, so he tried to contact her a couple of more times but got no answer.

Thus, he decided to go through his usual routine and go to the same bar the next weekend, hoping to see her there again.

And she was there. This time, wearing another sexy dress, that almost reveals her underwear. He approached her and instantly, she recognized him and kissed him on the lips. They spent the night drinking and dancing with each other, while almost making out on the dance floor. He then invited her over again to his apartment.

He woke up the next morning, still got the hangover from last night, and turned on his bedside lamp. He was naked, and the girl wasn’t there anymore. There was a note on the table.

“I really like you too. I had a great night. See you soon! – Love”

He couldn’t recall if he did tell the girl that he liked her. But he actually did like her so it didn’t matter. He tried to call her number again. With what she wrote on her note this time, it seemed that she wanted to see him again. But she still didn’t pick up.

He went to the same bar the next weekend and saw her there again. They were so busy dancing and drinking that their conversations were limited to sweet compliments to each other and ended with him asking her back to his apartment again.

He woke up wasted the next morning, naked, and the girl wasn’t beside him anymore. He turned on the bedside lamp and as expected, there was a note from her again, beside it.

“I like the way you sleep. You’re like a baby. 🙂 I had a great night. Hope you did too! – Love”

He smiled, and then reached for his phone on the bedside table. He wanted to call her but he decided not to instead. He wanted to stay excited for their next meeting.

There was not one night in the next coming weekends that they did not see each other in that same bar. She never wore the same outfit twice and he felt that she only got sexier and more attractive week after week. They danced endlessly through every night, drank ’till they’re wasted and had awesome sex every time.

He turns on his bedside lamp in all the mornings after and wakes up to find himself alone and naked in his bed. He then finds the notes the girl leaves her with, on the same spot, every time. There was a note for every night they spent together.

“I had a great night! I’m glad you liked my dress. – Love”

“I had a great night! You were so cute in your jacket last night. I wanna see you wear that again next week! – Love”

“I didn’t know you could do those moves! You were so funny. I had a really great night. – Love”

“Thank you for protecting me from that ugly moron last night. I’m sorry you got hurt. I still had a great night though. I hope you did too. – Love”

He didn’t know what she does for a living but he always felt that a girl that awesome could only be doing her passion and exceling on it. He didn’t know anything about her family but he always felt that a girl that sweet could only be blessed with the best family one could ever wish for. He didn’t know her status in life but he always felt that a girl that beautiful could be the poorest girl in the world yet still be the most elegant woman he had ever met. He didn’t know, and he didn’t think he needed to. She was perfect, no matter what.

One morning, his senses were awoken by the sound of a pen scratching on paper. He spent the previous night with the same girl on the same bar and had sex on the same bed. He woke up earlier than usual and he knew that the sound that he heard was the girl writing her note on his bedside table. He slowly and carefully opened his eyes but only just a little, enough to peek through the side of his bed where the bedside lamp is.

He saw her there, sitting on his study chair, all dressed up, with her small bag beside her. Her long dark, beautiful hair was covering her face while she silently scribbles the note she’s gonna leave him with. She paused for a second, and thinking she’d turn around, he immediately closed his eyes and pretended to be fast asleep. He heard her continue her writing and fell back asleep to the sound of it.

He woke up to the sound of his alarm clock. It was already 9 in the morning and the sunshine had brighten up his room. He turned to the bedside lamp and looked for her note on the table. But he didn’t see it there. No note.

He felt incomplete the whole week, not reading a note from her for the first time but looked forward to the coming weekend.

He arrived in the bar earlier than usual, excited to spot her in the crowd. But after drinking about ten glasses of his whiskey, already too drunk to walk straight, there was still no sight of her. He decided to go home.

He woke up the next morning, still feeling the hangover from last night, fully clothed and alone. He turned on his bedside lamp. There was no note.

Then he saw the end of a piece of paper peering under his bed. He picked it up and couldn’t explain his feelings while reading her note.

“I had the best night last night. But I think I’m falling for you Derek. I think I’m falling in love with your dance moves, with your snores, with your jokes, with the way you sleep like a baby, with the way you look at me every time like I’m the most beautiful girl, with the way you hold my hand like you don’t ever want to let go, with the security you give me every time I’m worried, with your endless attempts to call my number and talk to me by the time you wake up, and with how you kept all my notes in a box that’s labeled “Moments of Love”. And I’m afraid that if we share more than just great nights together, that we won’t get through the whole of every day with the same excitement and love. I’m afraid that we won’t have great mornings, or afternoons together. But I really had a great night. I hope you did too. – Love”

He read it again. And again. He didn’t understand what just happened. The only thing that entered his mind was the moment he opened his eyes one morning and saw her writing this note. And how things would have been so different if he had only woken up that morning. He could have hugged her, kissed her and assured her to not be afraid. He could have greeted her a good morning.

He didn’t know what to do. Then he thought of something. He reached for his phone and dialed her number. He expected a long series of rings before the sound of the call dropping out.

But after the second ring, he heard her voice on the other line.


He didn’t know what to say.

“Is this Love?”

There was a very long pause. Then she finally responded.

“Good morning Derek.”

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Short Story

Ang Matanda, Ang Dalaga, Ang Nanay at ang Beauty Queen

Isang maikling kuwentong alay kay Elsa at sa teleserye niya.

sinulat ni Darwin Taylo

Masayang masaya ang matanda.

Nagtatahi siya ng sarili niyang damit sa may sala, habang nanunuod ng paborito niyang teleserye.

Bida sa teleserye si Mercedes. Mahirap lang si Mercedes at nagtatrabahong katulong sa mansyon nina Donya Victoria Montemayor. Kasama niya sa mansyon ang matalik nyang kaibigang si Patricia na nagtatrabaho ding katulong.

Pagkatapos ng pinanuod, natapos din niya ang tinatahi at ipinatong niya ito sa mesa sa tabi ng malaking salamin.

Bigla siyang nalungkot nang naisip niyang tapos na nga ang kabataan niya. Pero nangiti rin nang naisip niya kung gaano sya naging masaya sa mga taong nagdaan.

Masayang masaya ang dalaga.

Nakikipagtext siya sa boyfriend at kinikilig kilig pa. Ilang minuto bago magsimula ang paborito niyang soap opera, binuksan na niya ang tv.

Gwapo ang anak ni Donya Victoria na si Don Luis at crush ito ni Patricia. Ngunit nang magkasalubong sina Don Luis at Mercedes, nagsimula ang pagtitinginan ng dalawa.

Tumawag ang boyfriend niya. “Babe, so parang ako si Mercedes at ikaw si Luis? Mamahalin mo ba ako kahit isa lang akong pobreng katulong?”

Nakornihan sa tanong niya ang boyfriend at hindi nakasagot. Nalungkot siya. Pero nangiti rin nang suyuin ng boyfriend na siya pa rin ang pinakamaganda sa lahat. Pagkatapos ng usapan nila, pinatong niya ang cellphone sa ibabaw ng tv.

Masayang masaya ang nanay.

Kauuwi lang nila sa bahay, kasama ang anak niyang si Gracielyn na kakagradweyt lang sa hayskul nang gabing yun. Hawak-hawak niya ang pina-develop niyang piktyur nilang mag-Nanay. Nagpahinga siya sa sala at naalalang magsisimula na ang tinututukan niyang teleserye at dali-daling binuksan ang tv.

Naging kaibigan na ni Mercedes ang palabirong mayordoma ng mansyon na si Elsa, isang matandang dalaga. Siya ang naging ugnayan nina Don Luis at Mercedes kaya hindi lumaon ay nabuo ang pagmamahalan ng dalawa.

Bigla siyang nalungkot dahil nabitin sa pinapanuod. Napangiti naman siya ng yumakap sa kanya ang anak at hinalikan siya sa pisngi. Nilagay niya sa frame ang piktyur nilang mag-ina at pinatong sa lamesa tabi ng TV.

Masayang masaya ang beauty queen.

Nakaharap siya sa malaking salamin sa sala, suot ang unang gown niya para sa beauty pageant ngayong gabi. Maaga siyang naghanda para hindi niya mapalampas ang inaabangan niyang teleserye. Dahan-dahan siyang umupo ala beauty queen sa sala at tumutok sa telebisyon.

Dahil sa inggit, sinumbong ni Patricia ang relasyon nina Mercedes at Don Luis kay Donya Victoria. Dahil dito, nagtanan ang dalawa at pinatira sila ni Elsa sa bahay niya sa probinsya. Nagtapos ang serye na ikinasal ang magnobya at ninang nila si Elsa na dala-dalawa pa ang kasamang escort.

Nalungkot siya na hindi niya kailanman mararanasan ang ikasal sa lalaking katulad ng bida sa palabas. Pero bigla siyang nangiti nang maisip na siya ulit ang mananalo sa pageant na pupuntahan at kokoronahan siyang wagi.

Isa-isa na niyang itinupi ang mga gown na nakapatong sa mesa sa tabi ng salamin na siya mismo ang nagtahi at inilagay sa bag niya. Kinuha rin niya ang teleponong nakapatong sa tv at itinext ang boyfriend. Nadaanan rin niya ng tingin ang naka-frame na piktyur nila ng anak-anakan niyang si Gracielyn at napangiti.

Masayang masaya siya kahit matanda na siya.
Masayang masaya siya at kaya niya pang magpakadalaga.
Masayang masaya siya dahil Nanay siya sa anak-anakan na mahal na mahal niya.
Masayang masaya siya dahil wala pa ring tatalo sa ganda niya.

Para sa kanya, sya si Elsa, ang magandang matandang dalagang mayordoma sa mansyon, na naniniwala pa rin sa tunay at masarap na pag-ibig kaya sinisigurong dala-dalawa ang nobyong lalaki para kahit ano pang mangyari sa mga bida at nagbibidahan sa tabi tabi ay hindi niya nakakalimutan kung paano maging masaya.

Dahan-dahan siyang tumayo sa sala, humarap sa salamin, pinraktis ang ngiting beauty queen at kunwari’y nasa harap na ng maraming tao.

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen. You may know me as the fabulous Enrico below this stage but standing here in front of you is Elsa, the highest of all maids, in heaven and on land.”

Biglang sumulpot ang anak mula sa kwarto at pumalakpak habang tumatalon-talon pa.

“I love you Elsa!”, sambit ng anak at yumakap sa kanya.

“I love you too anak. Tara na’t kokoronahan pa ang nanay.”

Masaya silang umalis.

Naiwan nilang nakabukas ang TV.

This short story is dedicated to my good friend, Elsa aka Alexander, and to all the other beauty queens and leading ladies of their own soap operas.
Short Story


Isang maikling kwento tungkol sa babe mo, babe nya, at babe nating lahat.

sinulat ni Darwin Taylo

Sa restaurant..

BOY: Tayong mga Pinoy minsan kasi kala mo kung sino tayo. Nakita mo yang isyu sa China?

GIRL: O, bakit? Tama naman ginagawa ng Pinoy dun a. Sila ung nang-bubully e.

BOY: Tingin mo sa liit ng Pinas ibubully pa tayo ng China? Yang Scarborough Shoal, historically, China na talaga nagmamay-ari nyan.

GIRL: E bakit, within 100 nautical miles naman talaga yun ng PAR, so technically sa Pinas un.

BOY: Kahit tanungin pa natin United Nations, history supercedes area of responsibility.

GIRL: May pruweba ba China na sa kanila yan historically?

BOY: Oo naman, mula elementary tinuturo na sa mga Chinese na kasama yan sa bansa nila. Di ko nga magets ang Pinas at sila pa nagmamalaki!

GIRL: Ganun?.. E kung ganun, wala nga tayong karapatan ano. Bakit nga ba tayo nakikipag-away sa sobrang laking China? Pinoy talaga.


BOY: Alam mo, yan ang gusto ko sa babae, may sense at nakikinig.

GIRL: Yan din gusto ko sa lalaki e, matalino at solid ang personality.

BOY: So gusto mo ako?

GIRL: Bakit, gusto mo ba ako?

BOY: Aba, naniniguro pa a. May nanliligaw ba sayo ngaun, ka-date o baka may jowa?

GIRL: Bakit, ikaw may nililigawan ka ba ngayon, baka may girlfriend ka na o baka asawa’t mga anak?

BOY: Loko. Ano nga? Medyo istrikto ako ‘pag ako naging boyfriend mo. Nasan phone mo?

GIRL: At bakit? Akin na rin phone mo.

Nag-abutan ng cellphone.

BOY: Gusto ko burahin mo lahat ng contacts mo na nanligaw, nanliligaw at may balak manligaw sayo.

GIRL: Burahin mo muna lahat ng babae sa contacts mo, maliban sa Nanay mo.

Nagkalikot ng sari-sariling cellphone.

BOY: Baguhin mo name ko sa contacts mo. Gusto ko lagay mo “Babe”.

GIRL: Ilagay mo rin jan sa phone mo na “Babe” ang pangalan ko at gawin mong wallpaper pic natin. Wait, tingin ka dito.

Pinwesto ang mga cellphone at nagpiktyur magkasama.

BOY: O, bakit nakatingin ka dun sa waiter? Type mo nu?

GIRL: Ha? E ikaw nga yang nakatitig sa boobs ng babae sa tabi natin nu. Trip mo ba?

BOY: Sige sa kin ka lang tumingin.

GIRL: Ang sarap titigan ng perfect ko. Kung ganto lahat ng relasyon, wala nang mag-isa.

BOY: Sige, mauna na ko babe. May lakad pa kami ng family.

GIRL: Sige babe. Wag nang tumingin sa ibang babae jan sa paligid a, tutusukin ko mata mo.

Naghiwalay ang dalawa.

Pareho silang may tinawagan.

BOY: Oo mahal, pauwi na ko jan. Sori may meeting lang sa ofis.

Sa kabilang parte ng mall,

GIRL: Oo na baby, sori na-late. Nag-girls’ night out lang kami nina Kat.

Bago makalabas ng mall, tinext nila ang isa’t isa. Halos sabay pa nila nabasa ang text.

“Ano ulit pangalan mo Babe?”

Short Story


Isang maikling kwento tungkol sa mga nakakadiring nandidiri.

sinulat ni Darwin Taylo


Hindi na napigilan ni Ryan ang utot nya. Dahan-dahang sumabog ang maduming hangin sa puwet nya na tantya nya e ubod ng baho, at siguradong maya-maya lang e maaamoy na ng mga tao sa likod nya.

Kaaarte pa naman ng mga babaeng to. Buti nga sa kanila.

Ilang saglit pa nga’y nagsisisihan na ang grupo ng mga babae sa likod, habang pa-Ingles-Ingles pa.

Nag-patay-malisya si Ryan at umupo nang maayos. Pinlantsa nya bahagya, gamit ang kamay nya, ang unahan ng suot nyang puting polo at nagpagpag ng short.

Maluwag sa payat na katawan ni Ryan ang polo pero magandang tingnan dahil malinis. Naka-sapatos na itim din sya, kamukha ng mga ginagamit ng mga estudyante sa eskwela. Mukha syang estudyante sa elementarya.

Pumikit sya at may inalala.

Tu handred naynti eyt. Tig-wan handred samin ni Adoy tapos naynti eyt kay Elsa. Wan handred po sakin, wan handred po kay Adoy, naynti po kay Elsa.

Sinasaulo nya ang sasabihin sa boss nila. Hinihintay nya dumating si Noynoy para mabigay nya ang rasyon nila at makuha na rin nya ang pagkain nila para sa araw na yon.

“Huy, bata, may kasama ka?”

Pagdilat nya ng mata ay may batang babaeng nakaupo na sa tabi nya at nakatingin sa kanya. Magara ang suot ng bata at mukhang anak-mayaman. Ngumiti ito.

“Ahm.. Oo. Hinihintay ko si Kuya Noynoy. Maya-maya lang darating na yon.”

“Ano’ng pangalan mo? Ako nga pala si Ane.” Inabot ng bata ang kamay nya.

Ilang segundong natigilan si Ryan bago sya nakipagkamay kay Ane.


“Ilang taon ka na?”


“Ahh. Pareho tayo. Kaka-ten ko lang rin.” Ngumiti ito.

“Kasama ko friends ko. Bumili lang sila ng coffee. O, ayan na pala sila.”

May tatlong bata, dalawang babae at isang lalaki na dumating, at umupo sa tapat nilang mesa.

“Tara ipakilala kita.”

“Ahm…” Hinila na sya ni Ane at walang nagawa si Ryan kundi sumama.

“Hi guys, si Ryan pala. He’s alone sa other table, waiting for somebody. Ryan, this is Richard, Steph and Sarah.”

May onting pagtataka sa mukha ng tatlong bata pero nakipagkamay na rin sila kay Ryan at umupo na ang dalawa sa tabi nila.

“O Ane, Caramel Macchiato mo.” Inabot ni Sarah ang inumin.

“Thanks. Gusto mo’ng coffee Ryan?” Alok ni Ane.

“Ahmm..” Napaisip si Ryan. “Ahm.. Di naman ako inaantok e. Salamat.”

“Ano ka ba, pwede naman yung walang kape. Or pareho na lang nitong akin, iced tea.” Nakangiting sabat ni Steph sabay higop sa straw ng iniinom.

“Hahaha! You’re so corny Steph! Or…. try mine instead. Cinnamon Dolce Cremè Frappucino Blended Beverage. It’s delish.” Singit naman ni Sarah.

“Steph’s not corny Sarah. She just can’t afford all the other good stuff. Hahaha!” Nakangising inasar ni Richard si Steph.

Hindi naman nakasagot si Steph. Sumimangot ito at humigop ulit ng iced tea.

Litong lito ang mukha ni Ryan sa usapan ng tatlo.

Hinawakan sya sa kamay ni Ane.

“Don’t mind them Ryan. Kulang pa yang mga yan sa kape.” Ngumiti ulit si Ane sa kanya.

Para syang artista, sambit ni Ryan sa sarili habang nakatitig kay Ane.

“Ano tara sa loob? Tulungan kitang mamili.” Hinila ulit sya ni Ane at wala syang nagawa kundi sumama.

Paglabas nila ng coffee shop, may dala-dala na rin syang kape, pero hindi nya pa ito iniinom.

“O, what did you order?” Si Sarah ang nagtanong.

“Ahm..” Di maalala ni Ryan ang pangalan.

“Hazelnut.” Si Ane ang sumagot.

“Really? I don’t like that so much but—-hey guys! Look at those pulubis o. They’re so kadiri.” Tumuro si Sarah sa kalsada kung saan may dalawang batang pulubi na nagkakalikot ng basura.

“Yuck!” Sabay na sabi nina Richard at Steph, at sabay din silang humigop sa iniinom.

“Yuck.” Si Ryan ang nagsalita. Napatingin sa kanya ang apat.

Mahabang katahimikan. Naghihintay ang apat sa susunod nyang sasabihin.

Lumaki ang mga mata ni Ryan habang iniisip kung ano sasabihin. Nang walang maisip, humigop na lang sya sa binili nyang kape.

Marami-rami ang nahigop nya at maya-maya’y napasimangot ng todo sa nalasahan.

“It’s not good?” Tanong ni Ane.

“Ha?” Gulat na tanong ni Ryan.

“Di masarap?”

“Ah eh… masarap naman.” Sabay pilit na ngiti.

Himigop ulit sya at tiniis na di sumimangot kahit sobra nyang di nagustuhan ang iniinom. Puchang pait.

Mga ilang minuto pa nagkuwentuhan ang lima.

Maya-maya’y may pumaradang kotse sa harap nila.

“Dad!” Sigaw ni Sarah. Hinigop nito ang natitira pa sa kape nya, iniwan ang lalagyan sa mesa at tumakbo papasok sa kotse.

Dumungaw ang mga tao na nasa kotse. “Kids, let’s go”, aya ng isang matandang babae.

“Ok. Bye Ryan.” Paalam ni Steph. Inubos rin nya ang laman ng iniinom at tumungo na sa kotse.

“Nice meeting you.” Paalam naman ni Richard at ibinaba na rin ang naubos na kape.

“Hey, let’s switch cups. Here, take mine.” Pinagpalit ni Ane ang hawak nilang inumin. “See you around Ryan.”

Di nakasagot si Ryan.

Naglakad na papunta sa kotse si Ane. Bago pumasok ay kumaway pa ito sa kanya. “Kita kits.”

Napakaway na rin si Ryan.

“Kita kits.”

Pinanood ni Ryan umalis ang kotse.


Isang boses ng lalaki ang tumawag sa pangalan nya, mula sa likod.

Pagtalikod nya, nakaupo sa tabi nya ang isang matandang lalaki na matipuno ang katawan at nakataas ang kilay.

“Boss Noy!” Gulat na sambit ni Ryan.

“Sabihin mo nga sakin. Binili mo ba ng kapeng gawa sa ginto ang mga nalimos nyo ngayong araw?”

“Ahm.. Boss, hindi naman ho lahat. Babawi po ako bukas pangako.”

“Akin na lahat ng natira.”

Inilabas ni Ryan ang lahat ng laman ng bulsa at ibinigay kay Noynoy.

Tumayo na sa upuan ang matanda at akmang aalis na.

“Teka lang Kuya Noy. Yung pagkain ho namin ng mga kapatid ko?”

“Mukhang busog ka na naman sa kape. Ipunin mo yang mga tira ng mga tropa mo at yan ang ipakain mo sa kanila.”

Tuluyan nang umalis si Noynoy.

Naiwan si Ryan na nakatitig sa pinag-upuan ng boss nya. Nakakunot ang noo nito at di maintindihan ang nararamdaman.

Kinalog nya ang mga naiwang inumin ng mga bata kanina pero iyong kay Ane lang ang may laman. Dinala nya ito at tumayo.

Pagkatayong pagkatayo nya, di nya napigilan at biglang lumabas mula sa puwit nya ang isang malakas, mahaba at napakabahong utot. Lahat ng taong nakaupo sa ibang mesa ay napatingin sa kanya.


Short Story

Biyahe sa Madaling-Araw

Isang maikling kuwento tungkol sa mga takot na hinaharap at tinatalikuran natin.

sinulat ni Darwin Taylo

“Kayo na po bahala, Lord.”

Tinapos nya ang lagi nyang dasal habang nag-aabang ng dyip papuntang Baclaran. Pasado alas-tres na ng madaling-araw. Habang ang pamilya nya e mahimbing na ang tulog at walang katao-tao sa kalsada, sya naman ay bihis na bihis, naka-formal attire pa, gising na gising, at papasok pa lang sa trabaho nya sa call center.

Mahigit isang taon na rin syang sanay sa graveyard shift. Pero sa araw-araw nyang pagbyahe mula Cavite hanggang Manila, hindi pa rin nya nakakalimutang magdasal para sa ligtas na byahe.

Dumating na ang dyip. Wala pa rin kasing bus ‘pag ganoong kaaga. Buti na lang at may mga iba syang kasabay, na malamang e sa mga call center din nagtatrabaho. Ibang iba ang mga kalsada ng Makati sa Dasma ‘pag ganoong oras. Kung sa Cavite ay ni walang katao-tao, hindi naman mabilang ang mga call center agents na laman ng kalsada ng Makati.

“Bayad ho, Baclaran lang.”

Nakaupo sya sa pinakadulo ng upuan, sa tabi ng drayber.

“Bayad, dalawa, Baclaran.”

At syempre, sya ang otomatikong taga-abot ng bayad ng lahat. Pagkabigay nya sa drayber ng bayad ng magsyotang parang walang ibang tao kung maglandian, humarap sya sa iba pang pasahero na parang naghihintay na ng bayad nila.

Nag-abot na rin ang isang matandang halata mong antok na antok pa, pati na rin ang tatlong magkakaibigang nagtsitsismisan tungkol sa laro ng Gilas na halata mong wala rin namang kaalam-alam sa basketbol.

May isa pang pasahero na nakaupo sa pinakaharap ng dyip, tabi ng babaan. Nakatingin sya sa lalake para hintayin ang pag-abot nya ng bayad. Nakatingin ang lalake sa labas, mukhang may iniisip. Kahit kalahati lang ng mukha ang kita nya, napansin nyang may itsura ang lalaki. May onti syang bigote pero ang kinis ng mukha. May nunal din sya sa tabi ng kanang mata nya. Parang ang amo amo ng mata nya. Maya-maya’y humarap ang lalaki. Dito nya nakitang gwapo nga ang lalaki. Nakasuot sya ng shirt na fit sa maganda nyang katawan. Parang nakangiti ang labi nya kahit hindi naman sya ngumingiti. Parang may kamukhang artista.

“Miss? Miss? Bayad daw ho o? Miss?”

Napatingin sya sa tumatawag sa kanyang babae na may kasamang dalawang kaibigan. Napansin nyang lahat ng pasahero e nakatingin na sa kanya.

“Ah, sori.”

Inabot nya ang bayad at binigay sa drayber. Sinulyapan nya ang lalake sa kabilang dulo ng dyip at nakitang ngumiti ito bago ulit tumingin sa kalsada.

“Mga Baclaran, sa babaan lang ho,” sigaw ng drayber.

Tiningnan nya ang lalaki sa dulo. Ngunit nakababa na ito. Nakipila sya sa mga bababa pa. Pagkababa nya mula sa dyip, nilibot nya ang tingin para hanapin ang lalaki. Pero hindi na nya ito nakita. Maya-maya pa’y pumara na sya ng taxi.

“Kayo na po ang bahala, Lord.”

Pasado alas-tres ulit ng madaling araw. Pagkasambit nya ng lagi nyang dasal, hinanap nya ang lalaki. Pero wala ito sa mga naghihintay ng dyip.

Dumating ang dyip at sumakay sya kasama ang ilan pang pasahero. Tumabi ulit sya sa tabi ng drayber.

“Bayad ho, Baclaran, isa.”

Pagharap nya sa iba pang pasahero para kunin ang pamasahe nila, nakita nyang nakaupo ulit sa dulo ng upuan ang lalaki, nakatingin sa kanya at nakangiti. Parang mas gumwapo pa sya lalo.

Hindi nya alam ang gagawin kaya kinuha na lang nya ang cellphone mula sa bulsa at kunwari’y may tinitingnan. Bigla syang may naisip. Pinalitan nya ang bluetooth name ng phone nya sa cellphone number nya. Di nya rin maintindihan ang sarili.

Sumulyap sya sa lalaki at nahuli nyang nakatingin ito sa kanya, nakangiti. Bigla syang tumingin ulit sa cellphone para umiwas sa titig ng lalaki.

“You have 1 new SMS”

Nagulat sya sa natanggap nyang text. Pagbukas nya, di nya alam kung anong gagawin.


Iyon lang ang laman ng text. Di nya alam kung anong irereply. Kunwari na lang na wala syang natanggap at itinago ang cellphone sa bulsa. Pagkatapos ay tumingin sya sa may unahan ng dyip para iwasan ang tingin ng lalaki.

Pagdating sa Baclaran, nauna ulit bumaba ang lalaki. Sa hiya nya, pagkababa nya ng dyip ay pumara agad sya ng taxi at sumakay.

“Kayo na po ang bahala, Lord.”

Pasado alas-tres ulit ng madaling araw. Pagdating ng dyip ay dali-dali syang sumakay dito at hindi na nya hinanap ang lalaki. Sa may tabi ulit sya ng drayber umupo.

“Bayad ho, Baclaran, isa.”

“Hi, Miss.”

Nagulat sya sa narinig. Paglingon nya’y nakatabi sa kanya ang lalaki.


“Jerry pala. Pwede malaman pangalan mo?”

“Ahm, Melar.”

Nakipagkamay sya.

“Sa call center ka nagtatrabaho?”


“Pormal na pormal a.”

“Formal kasi pag Monday hanggang Thursday.”

“Ahm, Friday ngayon.”


Napaisip sya at biglang naalalang Biyernes nga.

“Ayy. Ahm, mahilig din kasi talaga akong magpalda.”

Napangiti ang lalaki.

“Bakit?,” tanong nya.

“Wala. Ang cute mo lang.”

Nakangiti lang ang lalaki sa kanya sa buong biyahe. O mukha lang itong nakangiti palagi.

Huminto na sa babaan ng Baclaran ang dyip.

“Una ka na.” Pinauuna na syang bumaba ng lalaki.

“Salamat… Jerry.”

Ngumiti ang lalaki at nauna na syang pumila sa mga bababa.

“Ako nga pala yung nagtext sa’yo kahapon.”

Hinabol pa ‘yun ng lalaki bago pa sya tuluyang makababa. Nakita nyang hindi bumaba sa Baclaran ang lalaki, naiwan ito sa dyip.

Ngumiti ang lalaki sa kanya habang papaalis ang dyip. Ngumiti rin sya.

“Kayo na po ang bahala, Lord.”

Pasado alas-tres ulit ng madaling araw. Nakaabang ulit sya sa hintayan ng dyip sa Dasma. Maya-maya’y nag-vibrate ang cellphone nya sa bulsa.

“You have 1 new SMS”

Binuksan nya ang text. Number lang ang lumabas.

“Hi. Jerry to. Pwede mo ba kong hintayin dyan sa abangan ng dyip? May sasabihin sana ako.”

Dumating na ang dyip. Tiningnan nya sa paligid kung nandun ang lalaki. Pero wala ito. Alam nyang ‘pag di sya sumakay e baka matagal pa bago dumating ang sunod na dyip. Sumunod na rin sya sa mga pasaherong sumakay.

Iniisip nya kung rereplyan nya ang lalaki. Nakaupo ulit sya sa tabi ng drayber at tagaabot ng bayad ng iba pang pasahero.

Maya-maya’y tumigil ang dyip. Isa-isang sumakay ang tatlong lalaki. Pagtingin sya sa ikatlong lalaki, nakilala nya ito. Si Jerry.

Nahuli sya nitong nakatitig sa kanya. Umupo si Jerry sa harap nya. Hindi ito nakangiti. Nang akmang kukunin ni Jerry ang cellphone nya, may sumigaw na lalaki. Isa ito sa kasama ni Jerry na sumakay.

“Holdap ‘to! Walang kikilos!”

Naglabas ang lalaki ng baril. Naglabas din ng kutsilyo ang isa pa nitong kasamang lalaki.

Takot na takot ang iba pang pasahero.

“Manong, wag nyo po kaming saktan, parang awa nyo na po.” Umiiyak ang babae na may kasamang bata.

Tiningnan nya si Jerry. Nakalabas ang cellphone nito at parang nagtetext.

“Tumuloy ka lang ng drive kung ayaw mong may masaktan!” Sigaw ng isang lalaki sa drayber.

“Ilabas nyo lahat ng cellphone nyo, pera, alahas, lahat!” Sigaw ng isa pang lalaki.

Nakatitig sya kay Jerry. Maya-maya pa’y tumitig din ito sa kanya. Nakakunot-noo na parang may gustong sabihin. Pagkatapos ay bumunot ito ng kutsilyo at itim na supot.

“Wag kayong kikilos! Ilagay nyo dito!”

Hindi sya makapaniwala sa nasasaksihan. Kasama si Jerry sa mga holdaper.

Inuna ni Jerry na hingan ang katabi. Takot na takot naman ang babae na pinaglalagay sa supot ang cellphone at wallet. Pagharap ni Jerry sa kanya, tumititig ito sa kanya. Parang may lungkot sa mga mata nito.

Nang akmang kukunin na nya sa bag nya ang wallet, hinawakan ito ni Jerry nang mahigpit. Tumitig sya dito. Tapos ay nilagpasan sya nito at sinimulang hingan ng gamit ang katabi nya.

Hindi nya alam kung ano ang gagawin. Nang wala syang maisip, kinuha nya ang payong nya sa bag at hinampas ito kay Jerry.

“Walang hiya!”

Pinaghahampas nya ng payong nya si Jerry. Naalerto rin ang ibang pasahero at naglaban. Pinagsusuntok at hampas na rin ng ibang pasahero si Jerry at ang dalawa pang holdaper. Biglang tumigil ang dyip.

“Tara na!” Patakbo na ang lalaking may dalang baril at tinatawag nya ang dalawa nyang kasamahan. Nakaalis mula sa bugbog ang isa pang lalaki at dali dali silang tumakbo.

Naiwan sa loob ng dyip si Jerry habang binubugbog sya ng iba pang pasahero. Kinaladkad nila ito palabas ng dyip at pinagsusuntok pa.

“Tumawag kayo ng pulis!”

Maya-maya pa’y may dumating na ang mga tanod. Nang kinakaladkad na ng mga tanod si Jerry, huminto ito at hinarap si Melar.

Galit na galit na nakatitig si Melar kay Jerry. Bugbog na bugbog ang mukha nito at dumudugo ang labi. Tumitig din sa kanya si Jerry na parang humihikbi ng iyak.

“Sori. Sori. Sori.”

Sinampal nya ito ng malakas.

“Dalhin nyo na yan! Kriminal!”

Tuluyan nang kinaladkad ng mga tanod si Jerry. Pagkasakay nya ulit sa dyip, tiningnan nya ang laman ng bag. Maliban sa payong na pinanghampas nya kay Jerry, walang nawala sa laman ng bag nya. Pagtingin nya sa cellphone nya, nakita nyang may natanggap syang text. Number lang ang lumabas.

“Melar, sana mapatawad mo ko. Di ko sinasadyang madamay ka dito. Kaya pinahintay kita sa abangan para ‘di ka masama dito. Di ako masamang tao. Nasama lang ako ng mga pinsan ko at wala akong magawa. Sana bigyan mo pa ko ng pagkakataon. Gusto kita Melar. Sana mapatawad mo ko.”

Di nya alam ang mararamdaman sa nabasa. Pumikit sya at nagdasal.

“Kayo na po ang bahala, Lord.”